We had the most fabulous day and lots of our guests have commented on how wonderful the band was!

Joanne & Martin, wedding at Rising Sun,  Bamford 

We feel there’s something very special in creating beautiful music over the sound of clinking glasses and guests’ happy chatter at a wedding!

My name is Karen Lake and I’ve been a jazz singer since 2005. I work as part of a highly experienced jazz trio featuring vocals, piano & double bass. We specialise in performing at drinks receptions and dinners where the emphasis is on relaxing background music played at a reasonable volume so your guests can hear themselves talk. Our style is made up of easy listening favourites as sung by the fabulous Ella Fitzgerald & Billie Holiday.

2 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. At Betty’s in York last night we had a wonderful meal listening to Karen and the boys. The atmosphere was just right and the music superb, not over-intrusive. It made me want to go again but I’d also like to hear the music again.

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